CANNES: M-Appeal Picks Up ‘Summer,’ Sends ‘Boys’ to Taiwan (EXCLUSIVE)

Originally posted on Variety:

LONDON — Berlin-based M-Appeal World Sales has picked up Dutch coming-of-age drama “Summer,” and closed a further sale on Mischa Kamp’s “Boys.”

“Summer,” directed by Colette Bothof, centers on 16-year-old Anne (Sigrid ten Napel), who feels like an outsider until she meets Lena (Jade Olieberg), a new girl in town who rides a motorbike, wears leather, and is different from everybody else. The two girls rapidly fall for one another, and young love unfolds in all its tender awkwardness.

Bothof’s past credits include “Zwarte zwanen” (Black Swans), which starred Carice van Houten and played at the Rotterdam film festival.

Screenplay was penned by Marjolein Bierens. Pic was produced by Rene Goossens and Annemiek van Gorp of production company De Productie. The pic was backed by the Netherlands Film Fund.

“Boys” went to Taiwan’s Joint Entertainment. Previously announced sales include Wolfe Releasing (U.S.), Peccadillo Pictures (U.K.), Tongariro (Poland), KMBO (France) and…

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